Our Denial!

Our Denial is a physiological thriller that follows the story of Richard a few years after losing his wife. He still sees and hears her even years later but now a dark and sinister presence has made itself known. By taking a stroll down memory lane, Richard will get down to the bottom of why he still sees his wife and this dark apparition. Is any of this real, is it all in his head, or is there more at play here? These are the questions he asks himself every day. This game is a short experience spanning 1-3 hours. It revolves around making choices that shape the ending all the while exploring places for clues to puzzles. The ending is always dictated by objects you observe, things that remind Richard of the past will push to one ending while stuff that reminds him of loss pushes towards another. There is no binary choice at the end that dictates the end. There are five endings all together, one of which will be hard to obtain unless you really take note during a play though and start a new game. Heavily inspired by Silent Hill.

Circle:Cape of Games LLC

Categories:Game,Adventure / Horror / Fantasy


Release date:Apr/07/2016