* BILINGUAL * Japanese and English story. An exceedingly simple 2D scrolling shooter. Press Z to shoot. Press X to change speed. * ACTIVE/PASSIVE UPGRADES * Kill enemies to level up your shots. Misses will increase your defense. You will gain levels by taking damage as well. Given enough time, you can win this game, even if you suck at shooters. There’s no level cap either, so you can become infinitely strong. * SYNOPSIS * What went wrong? When the box opened, all color drained out of the world. This greyness blankets everything, and the emperor brings judgment upon all from the unreachable sky. Anything that has the potential to threaten the peace is removed soundlessly. The animals have always known only black and white, and they have chosen to fight. They fight to destroy the woman who opened the box… Wiseman 31 Cleare. * NOTICE * Please check the trial version to confirm compatibility on your system before purchase. Version updates and DLC may be forthcoming, so please purchase with DLsite account. Compatible with USB gamepad (recommended). Save data cannot be transferred between the trial and full game.




Release date:Apr/15/2014