Parking Love (Language: English)!

ENGLISH version. (Text: English / Voice: Japanese) Continuation of the previous episode. Their relationship is going well. On one weekend, they decided to go for driving with his dad’s car. While driving, she got bored and decided to tease her boyfriend’s private part… He says it is dangerous, however she is stubborn and continues. He couldn’t stand it anymore, and decided to park for a while. After that. Force masturbation -> kissing pussy -> boob fuck -> blow job -> swallowing -> normal position -> horse riding position -> doggy style At the end, of course followed by cumming inside. While proceeding, there are casual peeking story. Between Peeking story and In the car story, you can switch them around in real time. (laugh) *Data has been minimized by using special technique. It is easy to download. *Realistic fucking sounds plus professional voice actress. *Full screen option *Go direct to your favorite movie from scene selection *Skip and back functions *Format: FLASH.exe for easy navigation. The translation was done by the circle.


Categories:Game,Digital Novel / 3D Flash animated novel

Genre:Bukkake,Internal Cumshot,Breast Sex,Masturbation,Blowjob,Stretch/Expansion

Release date:Aug/20/2008