Rapid Battle Suit Ver1.0!

* Story In the near future, wars are fought by robots representing each nation. One nation’s government has a development contract with a private enterprise called Scarlet Co. While the nation has few resources, it compensates with aggressive and inventive testing. Scarlet Co. has a weaponized suit that gives its wearer super-human abilities. This Rapid Battle Suit is about to be field-tested in a mission to destroy a rival nation’s weapons facility. * Game 6 total stages (selectable) 10 kinds of animations 20 ecchi pixel varieties * Features Easy mode – so everyone can enjoy the action! Replay pixel H animations after clearing the game Weapon upgrades with each stage clear Sexual harassment animations in the name of upgrades! Special enemy encounters during action Game over H animations with the enemy Nudity from suit damage Nudity from suit damage is assigned randomly. Please don’t worry if a top comes off one time and a bottom the next. * Other notes Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates. Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility. Pending: a downloadable 100% save file with full unlocks




Release date:Aug/14/2015