* Version 1.04 You take control of Glasser, a man with a strange power of hypnosis. Explore the wilderness and defeat enemies to grow stronger. The higher your level, the more frequently you can use the Voice. Monsters on the small starting island are the weakest, start there. Many updates to this work are planned. Additional areas to explore, more enemies/items/abilities, more girls & positions etc. Please keep checking back for latest version. Is there content you’d like to see? Visit the Patreon link or the thread on the Hongfire and ULMF forums for bugfixes and suggestions. Creator is bilingual and you can ask questions or leave comments in English or Japanese

Circle:Renfield Studios

Categories:Game,RPG / Fantasy RPG

Genre:Cross-section View,Fantasy,Internal Cumshot,Coercion/Compulsion,Big Breasts

Release date:Jun/11/2017