Ruby Striker English Version!

* Features/Setting/Contents Ruby Striker, the tentacle game highly popular in the Japanese digital marketplace, is finally available in English! – Due to its low-cost/high-quality/erotic-specialization, this game is ranked #1 in the overwhelmingly popular Kyou no Okazu, which has surpassed 100 titles and continues to release new works to this day! – The voices remain true to the Japanese version, with the scenario and in-game language thoroughly converted to English, – Self-proclaimed by leading tentacle developers assault (scenario) and Jacky (original CG) as the first and last of its kind. – You can see the a glimmer of its appeal in the demo version! * Story With the power of the Jewelstar called Ruby, Ruby Striker, the transformed heroine of justice with the power of immortality, infiltrates the enemy’s hideout and is captured in the trap of the enemy’s supreme ruler, Zodiac. Her immortality backfires, and she is thrown into a sea of pleasure and pain no ordinary human could withstand. What will be her fate…? Staff CG: Jacky Scenario: assault Director: Alamar Chinkokusai Music: Sentaro/Keishi Yonao/koishi CV: Ayana Sumoto Translation: Crimson Warning Please take heed since all depicted text is in English. User-support for anything purchased on the Japanese-domestic Sales Site can only be answered in Japanese. Please be aware that we cannot perform user support in English.

Circle:Hentai Industries


Genre:Internal Cumshot,Violation,Restraint,Tentacle,Interspecies Sex

Release date:Oct/26/2013