Shin Sei Den!

A RPG style quest to save the world, with a girl at your side. The Demon Lord is attempting to break his seal. You are ordered to seal him away again and head off on your journey. Will you really be able to save the world…? *************************************************** 36 Erotic CG + variations 23 Pixel Animations *************************************************** Both Keyboard and Game Pad can be used Button configuration of your choice is possible Audio Credits / SFX – BGM use *************************************************** CV: Megumu Morino Yuu Lab 8bit Sound Studio BGM & Music Materials: MaouDamashii *************************************************** * Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version. * Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.



Genre:Breasts,Dot/Pixel,Fantasy,Big Breasts,Chubby/Plump

Release date:Jan/25/2017