* Simple erotic side-scrolling Flash action game * Battle to the goal as the heroine. Attack and use masturbation moves as you fight your way through waves of enemies. * Lose clothes when you get hit. First your costume, next your lingerie, and third… * Interspecies sex galore. There are 17 types of enemies with 34 animations + more (speed, sperm, masturbation, after, etc.) Beat all 5 stages to unlock gallery mode, hell mode, stage selection + more * Voice and sound effects. CV: Ryou Suzuki Please try the demo to confirm system compatibility. Recommend purchase as member for future updates. [Updated to ver1.50 on August 2011] Added: Enemy [Fallen Angel]. Changed: New GAME OVER scene. Added: Girls in background of stage 5. And more. [Updated to ver1.55 on August 2011] Added: Speed adjustment system in GAME OVER 2. Added: Option to skip animation. Added: Option to hide girls in background of stage 5. Updated: Application (.exe) file. And fixed some bugs. [Updated to ver1.80 on October 2011] Added: Costume [Naked] Added: Enemy [Cosplay Ball C] [Cosplay Ball D]. And more. [Updated to ver1.85 on November 2011] Added: Damage Animation Speed [Very Fast] Added: GAME OVER 2 [BOTE] And fixed some bugs. [Updated to ver2.00 on February 2012] Added enemy: [Doctor] Added play mode: [True game start] Added play mode: [Gallery plus] Added scene: GAME OVER 3 Added down animation: [Spawning] Added effect: [Incontinence] Enemy status adjustment. Fixed a few bugs. [Updated to ver2.01 on March 2012] Fixed a few bugs. [Updated to ver2.02 on March 2012] Fixed a few bugs. [Updated to ver2.03 on March 2012] Added effect: [bote] for GameOver3 Added speed: [Auto] for GameOver3 Fixed a few bugs. [Updated to ver2.04 on March 2012] Added Difficulty: [Easy] Added Keyboard Control: [GAME OVER 2] Fixed a few bugs. [Updated to ver2.05 on April 2012] Add Pleasure Gauge: [Doctor] & [Fallen Angel] for Gallery Mode Fixed a few bugs. [Updated to ver2.05RT on April 2012] Re translation. [Updated to ver2.10 on August 2013] Added: New game over scene. Added: Option save system. Updates to the ENGLISH version translated by the circle.

Circle:KooooN Soft

Categories:Game,Action / Erotic side scrolling action game

Genre:Internal Cumshot,Masturbation,Rape,Tentacle,Bestiality,Big Breasts

Release date:May/28/2011