Shoot-Cream! (English-translated version)!

ENGLISH version translated by native English professional translators. PRODUCT REVIEW: A product review of this game is available on: A game where you shoot things by using the mouse! You take the role of a fixed gun emplacement. Stop the oncoming hordes of enemies by barraging them with your weapon! This game was inspired by retro games, but it features additional elements such as power-ups, a combo bonus system, a limited supply of ammunition, tricky enemy attack patterns and more. The game is highly configurable with settings for visual effects and the degree of difficulty. There are two modes available: a game-only mode where game play is solely limited to the action part of the package, and an undressing mode, for some added adult entertainment. The undressing mode has 5 stages and 45 images in total. The bonus stages take the form of a bukkake mini game where you can paint with fluid in real time!



Genre:Uniform,Maid,Shrine Maiden,Cosplay,Bukkake

Release date:Oct/27/2007