Survivor Sarah!

Demo Ver 1.00 updated on April 20, 2013 The Story : Sarah wakes up from the office and finds the world has totally changed. The streets are filled with zombies and mutant creatures. The zombies lay their hands on Sarah and she will to have find her way to survive. Sarah will choose to fight them alone or look for the helps from other survivors. The fate of Sarah is at the hands of the player. Will she survive this incident? Contents : 38 events 170 CGs (basic 47 CGs) Event types include : seeded, humliation, r*pe, ryona, anal, bondage, tenacles, piss, shit, nakade. 2 main paths to finish the game. One is fighting strong mutant creatures alone, the other one is to meet other survivors and Sarah will have to survive with them. Choosing different dialogues will lead to different conquences and events. There will be different ways to progress the story and it will affect your morality. Increase and decrease of Morality will lead to different endings (total 8 endings). You will enter the CG room when you have finished the game, so you can replay the event. You can restart the game for the second round and keep your current level. 1. New : Added Special Attacks (humilation and ryona) for zombies and mutant creatures.(You can view sample in Introduction Image 2) 2. New : Added 3 States to Sarah. She will possibly enter those states after attacked by special attack. 3. Fixed : You can’t go to your home up stair without fighting mutant creature anymore. 4. Fixed : The cop corpse should show correct graphic when you face him up now. (*All changes not apply into demo version yet) It is welcome to provide information for bug fix and opinion on the game. I am hoping to add new event, mutant creature and area to the game. My email :

Circle:Combin Ation


Genre:Fantasy,Outdoor Exposure,Ashamed,Golden Shower/Urination,Anal,Tentacle

Release date:May/07/2013