Sword Of Resistance (English Subtitle)!

This is the English translated version of Sword Of Resistance (RE167337). * THE GAME Refreshing side scrolling erotic action Damaged clothing —-> Nudity… Playable with a gamepad or just the keyboard * THE FPS Buttery smooth 60 frames per second Heroine and enemies are created and animated with Live2D You have to see the natural fluidity of motion * THE HENTAI All enemies have H scenes! 29 varieties in total, from tentacles to lesbian porn Zoom in with Gallery Mode for extra visual oomf * THE ACTING Not just a fully voiced heroine, a fully voiced boss too! ————————————– * OPERATION move: directional arrow key Jump: Space key Dash: Z key + directional arrow key Normal attack: X key Range attack: C key Cancel: B key Go back to title: F2 key ————————————– * THE STORY ——Long ago. Shuttered once and for all, or so it was thought, the Dark Gate has been opened once again by Coledohra the devil-god. A flood of monsters gush forth from another realm. Men are eaten alive; women become objects plundered day and night. All seems lost for the human race, when an angel appears in the sky. She is Holy Knight Karen of the Skyward Empire: dignified, beautiful, tasked with slaying the devil-god and restoring peace on Earth. * THE TEAM CV: Kurumi Miru ( https://mirukurumidiary.blog66.fc2.com/ ) CV: Wakou Agawa ( https://ameblo.jp/wakawotoratuba/ ) Design: Tatsuro Yasui ( https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=312360 ) Materials: Rengoku Teien ( https://www.rengoku-teien.com/ ) * NOTICE Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility. Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates. Performance depends on hardware, drivers, OS and other specs. * THE CIRCLE Blog: https://menacoware.blog.fc2.com/ Contact: https://form1.fc2.com/form/?id=4b41a5752da68539



Genre:Nonhuman/Monster Girl,Warrior,Tentacle,Interspecies Sex,Fist Sex,Worm Sex

Release date:Nov/21/2016