The Tower of Succubus!

[ The Tower of Succubus ] On a full moon night The long slumbering succubus awoke Ascend the tower in the clouds! Defeat enemies, slip through traps Obtain the key to the next floor! [ 50 Total HCG Images ] Books strewn about the tower Have delightful secrets within! [ 13 Categories of H Pixel Animation ] Of course you get to see How the succubus drains her prey Anime 8bit style! [ Retro Action Game ] Super simple, fun play! Even playing with a keyboard The game is winnable! [ Instant Gallery Unlock ] If you don’t like the collectible aspect Press the H key on the title screen 20 times Et voila! All CGs are yours to behold * Notice * Additional downloadable content may arrive In the form of new stages and artwork Recommend purchase with an account

Circle:Libra Heart


Genre:Breasts,Dot/Pixel,Fantasy,Rape,Big Breasts

Release date:Apr/01/2016