VR Giant Harpy Girl!

[Overview] This is a VR Game compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It can be enjoyed even without VR equipment on a computer screen. Note: Android Version is sold separately. This game has been designed in such a way that you need not move your body much and can thus play the game in a relaxed state. For example, sitting in a reclining chair, or while lying down in bed. It does not require a standing or moving around play style. If the camera angle does not match your posture, you can edit the camera’s angle via the menu window as you please. When switching languages between Japanese and English the recorded voices will also switch between Japanese and English. The harpy in this game is based off that one from; Demon Angel SAKURA vol.2 -The Spirits of Hell-. However, her personality differs depending on the contents so even if you have not played the aforementioned game, that should not be a problem. Toyed with by a giant harpy girl, you are finally… There are several expressions of Vore in this work. [Story] Accidentally stepping into a harpy girl’s territory Sakura is assailed. A battle ensues but not standing a chance, defeat is inevitable and… [How to proceed] Upon starting the game, you are immediately given 3 routes to choose from. After entering one of the routes, things will proceed automatically. Just watch. Route 1: Breast Milk Torment, Full Body Tit-Job, Lower Body Sucking Fellatio, Vore, etc Route 2: Genital Pressing Masturbation, Penetration, Returning to the Womb, etc Route 3: Piss Shower, Hip Press, Rectal Invasion, etc * The trial version contains only the beginning of Route 1. [Controls] (1) When using Virtual Reality Equipment During the game, nodding vertically will open the menu window. Nodding vertically again will close it. On the menu window you can – select your view – control progress – reset frontal direction – change camera angle – change language (JP/ENG) – select scene – return to title screen The various buttons will respond by you staring at them for a short time. (2) When using a Computer Screen You can rotate the screen by using the left mouse button or holding down the Alt key and then moving the mouse. During the game, pressing the space key will open the menu window. Pressing the space key again will close it. (if your keyboard is in double-byte character mode, nothing will happen) On the menu window you can – select your view – control progress – switch between full screen / window mode (this can be done with the F1 key too) – change language – return to route selection – terminate the game (this can be done with the ESC key too)

Circle:Kokage no Izumi


Genre:Buttocks,Breasts,Vore,Breast Milk

Release date:Sep/11/2017