Witch Dungeon Lab!

AzureZero presents :: An Erotic Adventure Game! You control Kana, a cutie in the Royal Guard appointed to a magical research lab survey. Upon her arrival Kana is unexpectedly plunged underground, where her body is the instrument of reward – by force if necessary. The only way to get out of the insulting sexual experiments is to solve puzzles. Can you help Kana escape? Or is she a doomed victim of passion? Fetishism, lesbianism, tentacles, corruption, brainwashing and orgy sex First playthrough :: about 1~2 hours Multiple endings, post-game H scenes, etc. (All failure scenes are not related to the game ending.)


Categories:Game,Puzzle / Fantasy Puzzle

Genre:Yuri/Girls Love,Orgy Sex,Tentacle,Brainwashing

Release date:Aug/18/2016