Yugekitai: New Punk Legend!

The ancient god ruins. Behind the high school. U-Bomb Squad punk rock frontman Koichi loved two things: the cutest girl at Katsushikano High, and his band. The day after U-Bomb Squad got booed off the stage, Koichi was ready to cause some mayhem. He rounded up weightlifting pretty boy Tanaka, got his hate on with inflammatory newspaper club’s Ikariya and followed the trail of mysterious transfer student Arai to the entrance of those ruins… Psychic horror adventure is calling. Choose Koichi’s path. Revive the old local tale and make a new legend! HOW TO PLAY A classic command-driven visual novel adventure game Download, unzip all contents and run vc3.exe

Circle:Earth Canvas


Genre:Hot,Emotional/Touching,School,Horror,Marvel Tales

Release date:Nov/20/2013