A Jellyfish Girls Very Sweet Pet Mating Diary

A beloved pet becomes an incredibly horny girl— This sweet jellyfish girl gets too hungry for semen in this femdom CG collection. Features A sexy monster girl appears right before the eyes of our lonely main character. At first he is surprised to see Miku the jellyfish appear as a human but before long his loneliness takes over and he lets her completely take charge of his body to soothe his heart. However, Miku has a different goal in mind… The impure feeling of being sexually violated by your beloved pet. This sweet jellyfish girl wants her beloved master so bad that she just can’t wait. Things start out sweet, as if they were a couple, but partway through it starts to get out of hand…!? A sexual experience that would be impossible with a human unfolds! A bubbly girl who can’t take a hint. Following her wild instincts, she’s not shy about sex, despite her cute appearance! The only way to win her love is to satisfy her with sex. Inhuman Squeeze Sex. The feeling of her slippery jellyfish skin, bumpy tongue, and see-through p*ssy brings on the urge to cum. Once she immobilizes you with her sucker tentacle, she’ll get you with her poison needle! Your whole body will go numb with this boiling hot hard sex story. 217 pages This product contains the following titles: Jellyfish Girl’s Syrupy-Sweet <3 Affectionate Mating Diary (RE221133)

Circle:Tridentworks Inc.


Genre:Lots of White Cream / Juices,Internal Cumshot,Blowjob / Fellatio,Tease,Tentacle,No Pubic Hair

Release date:10/26/2018