Dr. Keflen's Experiments #4

Synopsis: Faced with the constant defeats of the warrior beasts at the hands of the Flashman, Dr. Keflen decides to perfect his creations using the genes of Emperor Lar Deus and Kilt will be his first guinea pig. Specifications: – Pages: 15 + 1 Cover – TF: Werecat/Female Muscle Growth/Feline Monster – Digital comic – Only for adults (18+) – Preview video: https://www.tiktok.com/@locofuria_tf/video/7271807551287905542 – Editing by Locofuria – Published August 2023 – Art by Mad Max Duarte – Lineart by Gunawanistiadi1278 – Colors by Soul Joer – Cover colors by Heliosart00 – Lettering by Francis Francia (English product description provided by the creator.)



Genre:Transforming Girl,Nonhuman / Monster Girl,Kemo / Animalization / Transfur,Animal Ears,Muscular

Release date:09/27/2023