[ENG Ver.] 7 Days with My Stepsister: Day 2

Cover: 2 pages Frontispiece: 3 pages Interlude: 2 pages Character introduction: 2 pages Thumbnail Illustration: 1 page Main story: 63 pages [Last Volume] Akane (older sister) and Haru (younger brother) are stepsiblings spending seven days alone together while their parents are away. When Haru wakes up after falling asleep, he finds Akane straddling him, exposing the lower half of her body to him. As Akane has her way with Haru, he ends up cumming inside her as day one ends. On day two, Haru would get the upper hand… [This Volume] After the incident, the two decide to take a bath together, as the natural thought of taking turns did not seem to occur to the impassioned two. Akane apologizes so much that Haru actually finds it a bit overboard… Apparently, she accidentally got drunk the previous night, so she naturally lost all sense of reason. Despite her apology, Haru is a bit fed up with her failing to take responsibility, so he suggests she make it up to him by having sex with him whenever he wants until their parents return. Realizing the ridiculousness of the suggestion, he decides to say it was a joke, but before he can, Akane accepts his proposition. He wasn’t planning on following through, but before the hot naked body of his stepsister, he was powerless to resist. It almost seems like Akane had been waiting for this situation to occur as she takes his hand, and gently speaks out to him… Notes: The work is made up of three parts: blowjob, petting, and sex. The story involves elements of the little brother being in the dominant position.

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Genre:Cross-section View,Boy,Senior,Older Stepsister,Internal Cumshot,Tall Person,Big Breasts,Pubic Hair / Armpit Hair

Release date:07/06/2023