[ENG Ver.] 7 Days with My Stepsister: Day 4

71 pages total (Consisting of 1 cover + 3 frontispiece + 2 interlude + 65 main pages) * Note: The initiative switches between the male and female characters at times. [Synopsis] It is the 4th day that Akane (older stepsister) and Haru (younger stepbrother) have been living alone together. Akane seems to be having a nightmare and Haru observes her with worry. When she wakes up, all she says is that she had a dream of the past. The two, who have only just become “family,” no little to nothing about one another. It doesn’t help that their first act of “communication” was absurdly enough, having sex! What schools do they attend? What hobbies and preferences do they have? Friends? Lovers…? However, Akane will not talk about her past. Considering her actions and behavior, it’s obvious that SOMETHING happened, but… Akane continues her physically intimate relationship with Haru, without revealing what that something may be. While Haru has begun to realize his feelings for Akane and wishes to know more about her… it would seem that Akane does not wish to talk about it, and forcibly changes the subject. Everyone has something in their past they do not wish to remember. It’s best to let sleeping dogs lie, and instead gradually grow closer to one another… Unfortunately, Haru isn’t wise enough to accept this. While he understands that he shouldn’t press on… his feelings of love for Akane and an insatiable curiosity swell up within him. Nonetheless, he reflected on the tactless way he had asked… That’s when Akane called out to him that she was going to the supermarket. Haru remembers that he had requested yesterday that she make ginger pork for dinner. She will probably buy other things as well. While he doesn’t know what, Haru tags along to help carry the load. After looking around, they end up buying a lot of stuff. Three large bags in fact. And in addition to that, Akane has bought a large water supply sheet. Haru wonders what she plans to use it for… On the way home, they stop at a traffic light and Akane’s scent wafts across to Haru. The smell of shampoo… fabric softener, perhaps? The sweet scent was mixed with the smell of sweat evaporated by the strong midsummer sun. It stimulates both Haru’s nostrils… and his sexual desire. Haru wonders to himself, am I a pervert that gets off on the smell of a woman? While that was a feeling akin to mild despair… Haru had bigger fish to fry. For he was desperately resisting the urge to push Akane down right there and have his way with her.. He soon learned that “resistance is futile.”

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Lots of White Cream / Juices,Boy,Shota,Older Stepsister,Age Disparity,Elder Girl x Younger Boy,Incest,Squirting / Gushing

Release date:07/28/2023