[ENG Ver.] A Sexy Yuri App 2 ~What?! One Of You Isn't Mesmerized!?~

After mesmerizing her 3 childhood friends with an app on her phone, Umeka has been enjoying an all-you-can-eat pussy buffet. They were fairly close before but recently drifted apart. However, thanks to this handy dandy app, all these girls can think about is lesbian sex with Umeka. This app really and truly is the greatest!! …or so she thought, but one of these girls is only pretending to be under the influence. The only question is… Who?! Bad girls get punished! Week-long Vibrator Challenge! Shake that vibe off with a sexy, hip-swinging dance! She’s under the impression that this is just a regular “greeting” but, wait a minute, she’s getting fingered lol They’re going at it all the time but nobody will fess up… Maybe it really is working on everyone… But for some reason, Umeka just can’t shake her sense of unease… Is it working? Is it not working?! Will Umeka find out who’s just pretending?? Find out in part 2 of this lesbian love-making manga! Even more sex than last time! 58 pages total (54 main pages, 4 other) This is the sequel to: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ01059773.html You’ll definitely enjoy it more if you check out the previous work first! We’re active on Ci-en and Misskey too! Ci-en: https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/16192 Misskey: https://misskey.io/@gttmtachi Characters Main character: Umeka A loner. In order to “play naked” with her formerly close childhood friends, she downloads a certain app. Gal: Marina One of Umeka’s childhood friends. They used to be very close, but now she hates Umeka. Honor student: Mizuha One of Umeka’s childhood friends. They used to be very close, but now she avoids Umeka. Entertainer: Mei One of Umeka’s childhood friends. They are still close, but because of her work, Mei and Umeka aren’t able to see each other often.

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Genre:Breasts,Gal,Yuri / Girls Love,Lesbian,Masturbation,Orgy Sex,Hypnosis,Squirting / Gushing

Release date:01/06/2024