[ENG Ver.] Amnesia NTR ~10 days fucked by my boyfriend's best friend~

My beloved girlfriend relays all the cucking details By some kind of miracle I was lucky enough to get the beautiful busty and popular Yui as my girlfriend. However, before I can enjoy her company, she falls victim to an accident and loses her recent memory. When I go to visit her, it seems to cause her suffering trying to recollect her memories. Not wanting to cause her such pain, I ask my best friend Kobayashi to visit her on my behalf. Ten days later… When Yui somehow manages to regain her memory I rush over to the hospital, but… She has a shocking confession to make… That I had been betrayed by Kobayashi… that he had pretended to be Yui’s boyfriend… and that… she had… given him her first time… If that wasn’t bad enough already… it didn’t stop there. At school, at home, even outside… she was lewdly indulging in the pleasure’s of Kobayashi dick almost every single day… Has my beloved Yui been corrupted by Kobayashi…? As such ominous thoughts cross my mind, Yui hesitantly begins to speak… 40 main pages / Full Color Credits Artwork: Wes-hertland Smith ( https://twitter.com/kafeore1059 ) Original Work: Tegomental ( https://twitter.com/tegomental ) Production: Tegomental

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Uniform,Swimwear,Cuckoldry (Netorare),Outdoor Exposure,Shame / Humiliation,Forced Oral / Irrumatio

Release date:10/21/2022