[ENG Ver.] Chalcedony II

MAMIANA presents a bizarre scat-themed tale about maidens who fall victim to the POOP CURSE!!? The secret behind the poop curse is uncovered! Unafraid of superstitions, the secretly ambitious new student council president Honami Ushiana brings the curse under scrutiny. But then, suddenly, a dick sprouts from her crotch and she comes a futanari dickchick…!? So sudden! She is overcome and bewildered by her body’s new found lust, and takes emergency refuge in the school infirmary!! BUT! The busty and devilish school nurse finds her pulsating erection and…? Such a naughty naughty student. This calls for a dose of holy breast milk! She whips out those titties and begins a punishing and passionate sermon with her chest!! All the while, Honami is resisting the urge to defecate…?! Thus begins her humiliating and gruelling futanari dick training lesson!! We hope you enjoy this volume featuring a futanari dickchick, busty breasts, and more poop! [Main Scenes] * Massive dump / slash in a Japanese style toilet * Tanned busty titjob from a girl enduring the urge to defecate * Futanari dick bullying with verbal abuse * Unsightly gapeface ahegao ejaculation + scatastic defecation 22 total pages (including the cover) [Caution] * This work focuses strongly on scat content and other similarly niche fetishes. * It contains no erotic sexual encounters with male characters. * There is no penetrative sex scenes at all. * This work is part of a series. If you liked what you read, we hope you check out the sequels.

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Peeing Oneself,Breast Sex,Shame / Humiliation,Urination / Peeing,Scatology,Big Breasts, Futanari,Tanned Skin / Suntan

Release date:09/10/2022