[ENG Ver.] Gurfobia: Whores in Anguish ~The Priestess' Interspecies Birthing Hell~

Story “This is my last will and testament, a record of my pitiful existence. I will leave it behind in the dark hole where I was left to rot. I am using the very last of my sanity to write this. I hope that someone out there will learn of my fate…” Humanity has fallen. Doomed for eternity to suffer a dismal fate at the hands… and appendages of disgusting monsters. In a small corner of this hellish world, a pure, incorruptible priestess is forced to birth their spawn… Over… and over… and over… again… Summary With nothing to keep the monsters at bay, even the most innocent holy woman is turned into their seedbed. She’s impregnated by the creatures again and again, and no matter how tired her womb is, her torment doesn’t end. A parasite modifies her eggs, and even death is no escape… ————————————– For fans of: – Horrible monster rape! – Interspecies pregnancy and birth! – Manga about unending seedbed hell! Contents Takes place in the same universe as “Wife-Hunting Labyrinth ~ Sheraride’s Interspecies Life Sentence” (RJ278506). [Contents] 26 page manga (PNG / PDF formats) Two novel stories Approx. ~14k characters, ~10k characters (PDF / TXT formats) * The manga covers the full story. (You do not need to read the novel stories to enjoy this work. They are additional / supplementary content for those that wish to enjoy it even MORE-SO.) [Credits] Novel Original Idea: InuSamurai Manga Original Work: Mitsuki Yanagihara Art: Take Cover Coloring: Daijungle Editing / Logo: Katsuhiko Production: Doujin Circle ‘I’m moralist’ Main Manga (PNG) + Bonus Novel (PDF) + Supplemental Novel (PDF) ONLY the Main Manga content has been translated via Translators Unite.

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Loli,Sister / Nun,Pregnancy / Impregnation,Childbirth,Violation,Coercion / Compulsion,Interspecies Sex

Release date:06/15/2022