[ENG Ver.] Hotspring Trip With My Mom's Friend...

Haruma is going on a trip with his mother and his mother’s friend Naho. Being shy, Haruma was not keen on the idea, but when he sees Naho naked in the hot spring, his instincts as a man are awakened. Even after returning to his room, Haruma is unable to forget the sight of her naked. He tries to get a gawk of Naho’s breasts by flipping her yukata while she sleeps… but is caught. Haruma thought he’d be severely scolded, but Naho says something he never expected…!! 46 total pages * Novel AI is used for some backgrounds. It was not used for any of the characters.

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Breasts,Senior,Mature Woman / MILF,Married Woman,Age Disparity,Elder Girl x Younger Boy,Big Breasts,Virgin Male

Release date:12/13/2023