[ENG Ver.] I Rewrite Your Common Sense! [Full Color]

Smelly and disgusting, an old lecher… that’s what the woman at work think of this me. They complain to management and I’m forced out of the department! I can’t believe it! To exact my revenge on them, I develop an advanced hypnosis program…! From this day forth… what those bitches believe to be common sense… is for ME to decide! [Contents] – Upon receiving the hypnosis device, the womens’ minds are warped…! – All the woman must commute to work naked! They do not react aversely even if they are touched or licked! Of course, any act that involves me results in no response…! – Enjoying the state of affairs I fuck my boss and colleagues at their work desks! – No matter how loud it gets, or even if I let loose and creampie, the women just carry on in bliss as if nothing is wrong… – All those bitches that treated me poorly and spread bad rumors about me… are now fighting over who gets to suck my dick in the toilet! – I even alter the department order to send me away! Now I’M the boss, and all the beautiful babes are my subordinates. Time to make the HAREM DEPARTMENT…! – Creampie, threesomes, impregnation, pregbelly, all goes in this humongous harem tale! Full Color Manga

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Uniform,Office / Workplace,Harem,Hypnosis,Brainwashing

Release date:11/01/2022