[ENG Ver.] KEKKI YAKOU ~The True Ancestor Vampire Princess is in HEAT!~

Flirty lovey fun with a captive vampire princess! * First release in our “Vampire Princess” series. In a world dominated by the demon lord, the sun did not rise and the night was everlasting. The hero of light succeeds in defeating the demon lord, and reclaiming sunlight for all mankind. Above the battleground, the ruins of the demon lord’s castle, the hero and co. launch the sun into the skies, and create a nation of everlasting day where the sun never sets. Such an old folk tale exists in the city of Sol Blanca The protagonist of this story, Hayato, is a young man working in this city. However, upon losing his job, he is discarded as a “sacrifice” to the demons of legend. Dumped in the forest, Hayato he teeters on the edge of death when… an angel (?) appears before him. This is a story about enjoying a flirty dirty slow-paced lifestyle with Plasma, the princess of vampires who was sealed away. Providing Plasma with “sustenance,” will the two successfully demolish the detestable sun…? (That’s the goal. However, whether indulging in sex day and day out will get them any closer to that goal… is another matter.) * Contains a lot of fellatio scenes. * Also a lot of clothed sex. * The heroine has a petite body. * The male protagonist grows over time as the story progresses. 56 total pages (consisting of 50 main pages + frontispiece + cover image + back cover + digital ver. bonus page + afterword) PDF / JPG formats Distributed at Winter Comic Market 2022. Circle: KedamaMilk Production: TamanoKedama

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Loli,Nonhuman / Monster Girl,Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love,Fantasy,Blonde Hair,Tiny Breasts,Slender,No Pubic Hair

Release date:12/26/2023