[ENG Ver.] Ninja Dickgirl 1

Futanari Dickchick Ninja Girl Lesbian Play SHIPPUU NO IBUKI “Breath of the Swift Wind” The ultimate female ninja… belonging to the House of Takeda. She attempts to execute her mission for her beloved master… but is caught off guard and captured by an enemy kunoichi. The enemy ninja “Suiren,” who belongs to the House of Tokugawa, restrains Ibuki with her ninja techniques such that she cannot resist or even end her life. Suiren then begins her onslaught… of pure and unsolicited pleasure~ 50 pages, almost entirely consisting of H scenes (incl. 8 variations) Beyond a few frames featuring handjob content, the entire work is nipple stimulation. Consecutive ejaculation, edging, followed by more ejaculation… Ibuki is corrupted by pleasure. A Female Ninja x Futanari Ninja story. * Does not contain any penetrative sex. Notes Regarding the Display Method This manga was designed to be viewed full screen on the PC. Thus the pages are closer to a square resolution than you would normally see in manga. As the creator drew these images with spread-page viewing in mind, viewing each page separately is not advised. An example of spread-page viewing.

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Woman’s Viewpoint,Successive Orgasms,Kunoichi (Ninja Girl),Lesbian,Tease,Coercion / Compulsion,Nipples / Areola, Futanari

Release date:11/05/2022