[ENG Ver.] Perverting Hypnosis ~My Best Student~

Sayu, who really likes her mathematics teacher, has an arrangement with said teacher for a personal study lesson after school. However, when Sayu heads to the teachers office, no-one is there except for the vice principle, and she ends up having a study session with him instead. [*Clap*] The next thing she knows, and Sayu is masturbating as per normal, as if it is only normal… With the vice principle’s help, Sayu learns of many new and wonderful things… 20 main pages / monochrome + cover Approx. 1720×2428 resolution PDF included Smartphone version: [Cover] content can only be viewed via browser streaming (DLsite Play).

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Clothed,Female Protagonist,Loli,Student,School / Academy,Masturbation,Hypnosis

Release date:10/12/2022