[ENG Ver.] Summer Affair With a Married Childhood Friend 2 - DLO-10

Introduction The continuation of “Summer Affair with a Married Childhood Friend DLO-07”. The love affair between Taiki and Rui, the girl next door, continues in her husband’s absence. Now, he wants to take her on a date… [Story] Though they agreed to end things when summer was over, Taiki and Rui continued their relationship in secret. On the surface, a close family friend who lives next door. But underneath, a forbidden romance. Not content with hiding their relationship, Taiki invites Rui on a date. Rui worries they’ll be caught but ends up agreeing to go. Finally, the date is going smoothly, but Rui can’t get the thought of being found out from out of her mind. Eventually, they head to a tucked-away love hotel away from prying eyes… [Characters] Rui Heroine. The older girl who lives next door to Taiki in the same apartment. Cheerful and easily persuaded. Close from before, she played with Taiki when he was young. She’s married now, but her husband is often gone for work, leaving her home alone. Taiki A college student living with his family in an apartment. An earnest person, who couldn’t give up on the older girl next door whom he’s been in love with since he was a child. Title: Summer Affair With a Married Childhood Friend 2 Circle: Digital Lover Author: Yuka Nakajima

Circle:Digital Lover


Genre:Clothed,Married Woman,Childhood Friend,Cuckoldry (Netori),Internal Cumshot,Big Breasts

Release date:12/21/2022