[ENG Ver.] Versed Heart

When I woke up, I realized that my body had shrunk! [Synopsis] A 32 year old unemployed man wakes up one day to find his body has shrunk. He is elated momentarily thinking that he has returned to days gone by… but to his disappointment, soon realizes it comes with many inconveniences. On top of that, he is caught out by a sudden downpour of rain. Irritated by his continuing misfortune, the shadow of an umbrella falls at his feet. He turns around to see a girl in uniform who he does not know. * An OneShota (older girl x younger boy) themed work with a little bit of fantasy thrown in. Recommended for people that like to be teased and stimulated… by a silent partner. 37 total pages (35 main pages)

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Abnormal / Perverted,Breasts,Cross-section View,Collar / Chain / Restraints,Elder Girl x Younger Boy,SM,Reverse Rape,Short Hair (Male)

Release date:08/17/2022