Femcorrupted Underworld Sex Slave: Trans Darkslut Clown

Japanese version! Expect plenty of… Hardcore masochism! TS transformations! Rubber! Big clit-dicks! And more! English version! Story. In a certain underworld, a show is held for lewd women called clowns. The inhabitants of the underworld fight for power according to how much pleasure their clowns can endure. The cute junior who follows you around is in fact a resident of that underworld. Yes, you have been chosen to be her partner. You are made to wear clown-like make-up and a rubber suit, and as you are subjected to various kinds of training, you are gradually transformed into a woman. Your breasts are replaced by large, lascivious breasts, and your penis becomes a big clitoris that gives you the greatest pleasure! After climaxing, you are given a clown make-up and fucked in the sexual zones one after another like a juggling act. I think it will stick to ladies and gentlemen who have a desire to be abused and to those who think “I want to be like that too” while reading a sex slave depravity manga. Chinese version! (English product description provided by the creator.)



Genre:Woman’s Viewpoint,Collar / Chain / Restraints,Rubber,Sex Change / Transsexual,Naughty / Lewd,Submissive Man,Mesuoti, Futanari

Release date:08/26/2022