Food for Cell Ext. Moon Chapter

A crushing defeat for the S*ilor Scouts! In search of the perfect body, a monster has his eyes on five beautiful warrior girls… But they’re not just ordinary human girls… They’re the S*ilor Scouts. And with the protection of the different planets on their side, their mission is to protect people from evildoers. The strange monster wants the power these girls hold, and so he reveals himself. Faced with an abnormally strong evil, the scouts have no choice but to transform into their super-powered alter egos. And that was when it began… The tip of the monster’s tail grew to an enormous size, opened up wide, and swallowed one of the scouts! She’s then carried through its tail and into the creature’s body… This was just the beginning of the girls’ nightmare… ———————————— Ameiro Biscuit is proud to present a crosso-vore spectacular! If you like vore and damsels in distress, this is the manga for you! Please be warned, however, that there is no sex included. ———————————— 18 full color pages English version included JPG / PDF formats [Credits] Art: SusuAnpan Scenario: crazyasianfan4

Circle:Ameiro Biscuit


Genre:Transforming Girl,Vore,No Penetrative Sex,Ryona / Brutal

Release date:07/31/2020