Girls Beat! Plus vs Riko

Kazuya takes on the slutty gal Riko under battlefuck rules, but he isn’t nearly prepared enough for her brutal combination of ball-busting, choking, thick thigh locks, and overwhelming stench. Amidst the blows, her long tongue tantalizes him with pleasure. He is putty in her hands. Does he have any chance of victory? [Characters] Kazuya User of the Hokushin-ryuu fighting style. He joins Beat! to further his training. Riko A slutty gal that joined Beat! for one reason alone: money. She loves using seduction techniques to force unsuspecting men into submission. However, her real power lies in her training in Thai boxing​ and Brazilian jujutsu. Her well-honed thighs and legs make her extremely proficient in chokes and locks. There is no escape once her lower half has gotten hold of you. [Terminology] Beat!: A matching site for martial artists, regardless of gender. Men pay a high registration fee, while women can enter for free. Using AI and a basic rundown of one’s level of skill, the service will match you with an opposite and even set the fighting grounds. While men cannot select an opponent, women can. Furthermore, women can set the conditions for the match, making the system favorable towards them. The management group is a female pro-wrestling organization called “Thanatos”. 18 main pages + 1 cover page [Credits] – Illustration Toppogi ( https: // ) – Planning / Script / Original Idea The Nation of Head Scissors ( https: // )

Circle:The Nation of Head Scissors


Genre:Gal,Delinquent / Hoodlum,Fighting / Martial Arts,Violence,SM,Verbal Humiliation,Reverse Rape,Submissive Man

Release date:10/07/2022