Girls Beat! vs Airi

[Story] Masochist Hiro posts a challenge for a masochist martial arts contest on Beat! with a special condition and reward, which draws the eye of prostitute schoolgirl Airi. Can Hiro hold out against her sadistic attacks? [Characters] Hiro: A man belonging to Beat!, who makes up for his lack of fighting experience with his masochist bent, and tolerance to pain. He is highly spoken of as a sandbag. Airi: A schoolgirl who belongs to the swim team. She enjoys bullying masochist men on the side. With a strong physique from swimming, and experience in martial arts, even men fall to her. A fellow masochist-beating friend also taught her some strong choke-holds and locking techniques. As swimming has honed her legs in particular, her triangle chokes and figure 4 leg locks are her bread and butter. In exchange for a special fee, she takes on Hiro’s match offer. If you enjoy this work, you might also like: “No Way Out – The Prison That is a JK Prostitute’s Thighs – (RE295229)” [Terminology] Beat!: A matching site for martial artists, regardless of gender. Men pay a high registration fee, while woman can enter for free. Using AI and a basic rundown of one’s level of skill, the service will match you with an opposite and even set the fighting grounds. While men cannot select an opponent, women can. Furthermore, women can set the conditions for the match, making the system favorable towards them. The management group is a a female pro-wrestling organization called “Thanatos”. 18 pages + 1 cover page [Credits] Illustration: Toppogi Planning / script / draft: The Nation of Head Scissors

Circle:The Nation of Head Scissors


Genre:Wrestler / Fighter,Fighting / Martial Arts,SM,Verbal Humiliation,Reverse Rape,Submissive Man,Torture

Release date:09/19/2020