Girls Beat! vs Evil Yuuka

The Evil Yuuka was the one awaiting Kazuya in the ring. She manages to wrap him up in her tail, and thrashes him about like some plaything. Will Kazuya be able to come out on top…? [Characters] Kazuya: A user of the ancient Hokushin style of martial arts. He participates in Beat! in order to become stronger. Evil Yuuka: A heel wrestler in Thanatos. Her pure-looking face masks her sadistic love of crotch attacks and other foul play. An all-rounder with flexibility and power. Uses her plump ass to smother her opponents. After becoming Evil, she sprouted a tail. She calls it “Muchi.” She can use it to constrict opponents like a snake, or even swallow them up inside it. On the inside, her pheromones are dozens of times more concentrated, strong enough to preserve the prey captured inside. Her physical prowess has also drastically increased in her Evil version. [Terminology] Beat!: A matching site for martial artists, regardless of gender. Men pay a high registration fee, while woman can enter for free. Using AI and a basic rundown of one’s level of skill, the service will match you with an opposite and even set the fighting grounds. While men cannot select an opponent, women can. Furthermore, women can set the conditions for the match, making the system favorable towards them. The management group is a a female pro-wrestling organization called “Thanatos”. 18 pages + 1 cover page * Enjoy the other works in the series: Girls Beat! vs Yuuka: Girls Beat! Plus -vs Yuuka: I Joined My Crush’s Gymnastics Team and Became Their Punching Bag: [Credits] Illustration: Toppogi Planning / script / draft: The Nation of Head Scissors

Circle:The Nation of Head Scissors


Genre:Battle Fuck,Succubus / Incubus,Fighting / Martial Arts,Femdom,Verbal Humiliation,Reverse Rape,Submissive Man,Nipple Teasing

Release date:11/23/2023