Love Chain Deathmatch

Summary [Summary] Tsubasa has a secret: he likes Maya Seshita. And he knows her secret, too… Although she’s known around school as a beautiful, pure flower, she’s actually a PPV fighter who loves beating up pro wrestlers for money. Then one day, Tsubasa wins the chance to have a match with her. And not just any match — a chain deathmatch. Both fighters are joined at the wrist by a chain, making escape totally impossible. Tsubasa wears a mask to protect his identity, but after all the strikes, holds, grapples, and throws, it eventually comes off… [Contents] 102 pages total (Including English version) Masochist martial arts, mixed fighting, pro wrestling, female-on-male ryona, sadistic lolis, and more! [Links] FANBOX Twitter Instagram



Genre:Fetish,No Reverse,Abnormal / Perverted,Wrestler / Fighter,Leotard,Fighting / Martial Arts,Reverse Rape,Big Breasts

Release date:12/08/2021