Merciless spider metamorphosis - Brain juice sucking impregnation seed bed

** Story Starts with main character metamorphosized into a spider from another world… The location is some kind of forest..? (What was I doing….I was definitely run over by a truck…) (What is this…my leg…a spider?) At that time, from out of depths of the trees come two adventurer girls. One was a swordswoman and the other girl was a nun. Looking at these two, the main character’s crotch began to heat up. A sex drive clearly crueler and stronger than that before metamorphosis sprang up… ** Hardcore rape The content of series 2 is also merciless hardcore attacks. He slurps up their brain juice and mercilessly rapes them. With his huge cock he penetrates the virgin’s resistance. Some of their friends become incontinent seeing their shamelessly destroyed buddies… The cries of the female adventurers resonate around. *Recommended for those with the following fetishes! — Mayhem — Thorough rape — Brain juice sucking (brain eating) — Virginity lost through huge cocks — Anal rape — Interspecies rape — Incontinence — Fainting in agony — Cruelty — Forced pregnancy — Spider birth — Bleeding — Bent over in extreme pain — Brutishness — No salvation ** Characters Main character….Run over by a truck and metamorphosized into giant spider. Lost human reason. Female warrior…Girl with the expression on her face showing a strong sense of justice. Nun…specializes in recovery. Spineless and cowardly. Sorceress…Attack-minded sorceress. Kind girl who thinks of her friends. Female fighter…Strong with a masculine personality Full color 40 pages (with speech bubbles 20 pages/without speech bubbles 20 pages) JPG 2000 * 1400 pixels This work contains overlapping content with: “Reborn as a Cruel Spider ~Brain Sucking, Impregnation and Seedbed~ (RE236185)”

Circle:Sharuru Hunter


Genre:Fiendish / Brutal,Rape,Interspecies Sex,Insect Sex,Blood / Bleeding,Ryona / Brutal

Release date:08/10/2019