This a full-color cartoon of how I lost my virginity Here’s this beautiful, glamorous student from the United States! This a full-color cartoon of how I lost my virginity. Spring vacation is over, and the new semester has begun. There was also a class change, we made friends early in the new class, we had hobbies and club activities. And they’re all happily talking about love… but me. I wanted to have a real girlfriend… But as a total otaku (and of course a virgin) whose hobby is animation and games like me, there’s no girl who’s going to talk to me, so I always end up fiddling with my phone in the corner of the classroom. I have a lonely school life…   But a shocking encounter suddenly changed my lonely school life! As an assistant to my English teacher, she was sent to a Japanese university from the U.S. to work as a trainer. She has been posted here! Her name is Misia! She’s a woman who’s just my type! But it would be hard for an otaku like me to get along with her. And that day, after school, as I was alone on the rooftop looking at Misia’s picture, she appeared in front of me, and I found her looking at the keychain of a game character on my phone. I’ve got my eyes on her! She came to Japan to study because she likes Japanese animation and games. And, lo and behold, I was able to get an appointment to play a game together at my house on the weekend. Fortunately, my parents were out on business and we are alone in my room, but when I was having a great time playing games, Misia suddenly went into my room, looking for something. And the magazine and costume that she found… “Oh, it’s over…” Suddenly Misia said she wanted to wear the costume. It was an unexpected turn of events… Yes, that was the costume of her favorite fighting game, which brought Misia and I together. And when she wore the costume, it’s like she was coming out of a game screen. She was absolutely beautiful. Then Misia seduced me gently, to my delight…. She’s a great leader, and she’s used her whole body to help me out. Finally, my happiness will start… ——————————————————————– This is a digital cartoon with a total of 180 pages. jpeg (2000 x 1430 pixels) PDF (2000 x 1430 pixels) Enclosed are two different versions with and with no texts. Thank you in advance. Contains overlapping content with “Misia (RE288985)”

Circle:Otoko Juku


Genre:School / Academy,Hand Job,Internal Cumshot,Breast Sex,Blowjob / Fellatio,Long Hair,Virgin Male

Release date:05/29/2020