The Village Girl Lost in the Forest Becomes a Adventurwhore

Summary The boy who suddenly appeared in the city of adventurers surprised the adventurers with his amazing power. At first, they did not get along with each other because of their differences, but after an incident in the Forest of Monsters, they formed a bond and became friendly adventurers. However, she had a secret that she couldn’t tell the boy. Yes, her heart is still trapped in the Forest of Monsters. …… Translated with (free version) 68 pages 34 main 30 machine translated 4 bonus illustrations (English product description provided by the creator.) The creator has specifically pointed out that the English in this product is a machine translation! BEWARE!!!



Genre:Breasts,Oneesan / Older Girl / Older Sister,Elder Girl x Younger Boy,Breast Sex,Naughty / Lewd,Mob Sex,Big Breasts

Release date:11/08/2021