This is a very rare manga work using AI-generated CG!
There are many works registered in the manga category that are in the form of CG with dialogues, but this work can be read as a manga.
The dialogue is quite unique, as it was probably created by an overseas artist, but I think the meaning can be understood.

AI-generated CG has the weakness that details tend to be broken, but it is interesting that the artist overcame this weakness in part by cropping and processing it as a manga.

The story is about a girl who comes to a village where there are no women due to depopulation, gets raped by a strange incident, and becomes the bride of the The volume and screen quality are high for a manga.
The volume and screen quality are high for the price, so if you are attracted by the picture and scenario, I think you should buy it!

The work is well organized as a manga, with a solid panel layout, dialogue balloons, onomatopoeic characters, and so on. onomatopoeic characters, and so on.

There are three versions: Japanese, English, and no text. I have read the Japanese version, and it is not very good and difficult to read. However, the enthusiasm and effort to create a work of art using these AI illustrations can be clearly felt, and this work is recommended for those who want to feel such creative spirit.

The story itself is also very well written, and I was moved by the wildness of the girl who fell as the bride of the village!

The skimpy white one-piece is great!

The main character has a fight with her boyfriend and comes to the countryside to take a break.
But it’s a nice place, but there are no women to be found in the village….. .this is an Ai manga!
The red spot that appeared in the midst of all-black color

The story of a girl who becomes the only bride in the village, handing over her virginity, which she had saved for her boyfriend.
This Ai manga is based on images created with Ai, but the main language is English.
There is also a Japanese version, but be prepared for it to be a bit of a translation.
But the story from the girl’s point of view is a very erotic one.

The story is about a girl who gets into a fight with her boyfriend and gets fucked by an old man in a deserted village.

The old man “Mr. Tanaka” caresses “Aiko” who is sleeping at the place where she is staying in the village, and when she wakes up, she tries to reject him, but he is so horny about her growing pussy that he makes her use his asshole, but she cannot resist and gives her virginity that she saved for her boyfriend. after that, she goes to the shared hole of the men in the village. ……

Half of the content is played with Tanaka, and the last few pages are an old man reverse harem (not gang rape because it’s flirty).

The skimpy one-piece and pinpoint pubic hair, AI-kun, are dusky.

This is a story about a cute girl (with pubic hair) who comes to the countryside to play and gets beaten up and completely falls.
The village where she came to visit seems to provide women to the neighboring village, so all the men are there.
Then, a defenseless girl appears and the story goes on. The girl feels so good that she decides to become a common wife of the men in the village.

This is the story of how I went from being a virgin to a village bride in just one day.
I found out about this wonderful place and its friendly atmosphere through the internet when I had a fight with my boyfriend and needed a break.
When I arrived at the village, it was quiet and peaceful.
Everyone was friendly, but everyone was male. I didn’t see a single girl.
Somehow, I felt there was a history there.

After hours of walking and sweating, I checked my body odor and a young boy looked at me.
The door to the bathroom was broken, and I wondered if Mr. Tanaka would get mad at me if I peed.

First day
I lost my anal virginity.
Tasted cock for the first time.
Lost my virginity.
They kissed for the first time.
They desire me for the first time.

I will be their bride and bear their children.
They will love me so much that they will fuck me every day without fail.