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A fantasy genre BGM asset collection that could find use in games and other applications. It has been created in the image of the classes swordsman, priest, and magician. Music 「8 types + extra」 1_Swordsman Daily Life Theme『One Sunny Day』Nomal [02:48] 1_Swordsman Daily Life Theme『One Sunny Day』Loop [02:40] 2_Swordsman Battle Theme『Passionate Tailwind』Nomal [02:57] 2_Swordsman Battle Theme『Passionate Tailwind』Loop [02:39] 3_Priest Daily Life Theme『Time Flowing Calmly』Nomal [02:13] 3_Priest Daily Life Theme『Time Flowing Calmly』Loop [02:03] 4_Priest Battle Theme『Seeking the Truth』Nomal [02:36] 4_Priest Battle Theme『Seeking the Truth』Loop [02:25] 5_Magician Daily Life Theme『Mysterious Lamp』Nomal [02:06] 5_Magician Daily Life Theme『Mysterious Lamp』Loop [02:00] 6_Magician Battle Theme『Invitation to Illusion』Nomal [02:30] 6_Magician Battle Theme『Invitation to Illusion』Loop [02:21] 7_instrumental_Where the Birds Go [04:40] 7_OFFVOCAL_Where the Birds Go [04:40] 7_OP_Where the Birds Go [04:40] 8_ED_Birds See the Future [03:33] ‐ BGM composed in the image of each class’ daily life and combat. BGM composed in the image of a fantasy-themed product’s opening and ending themes. No.1~6 features 【Normal/Loop】, No.7 features 【OFFVOCAL/Instrumental】 versions. No.8 is an arrange version of No.7. Extra Illustrations 「6 types」 illust-01 illust-02 『Swordsman』 illust-03 illust-04 『Priest』 illust-05 illust-06 『Magician』  ‐ Character sprite pictures of each character from 「Party_I」. The outfit is changed according to each BGM track. 【DLsite】 【BOOTH】 Assets Data Music【WAV/MP3/OGG】 loop versions have been confirmed to play properly in RPG Maker MV. ‐ Illustration【PSD/PNG】 versions are identical. Size 3300×3500px maximum. Resolution 72px Terms of Use ※Suitable for use in paid and free products, regardless of age restrictions or genre. ※No need to report usage or give credit. ※Edits to cut, fade out, arrange or post-process can be done freely. ※You may not redistribute or resell the materials as is. ※Copyright is still intact so you may not claim that you produced this. ※Please refrain from using it to cause mental abuse or public nuisances. ※Additionally, the creator is unable to accept any responsibility for  any trouble or loss of revenue that arises from the usage of these materials. – ✦Regarding the usage of AI-powered image creation software. You have permission to allow AI software to read these illustrations. However, please do not misrepresent the images modified by AI as “created by sasAIchi.” Please make sure you present them as “products created by modifying sasAIchi’s illustrations with AI.” Credit 【Arrangement/Lyrics/Singing】 ruha(Pastel Tone Music) 【Web】 【Twitter】@ruha_music ‐ 【Design/illustration】 sasAIchi (English product description provided by the creator.)


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Release date:11/09/2022