QOS Wife 3

You’ve been slaving away for years for this company, and out of nowhere, they give you a raise…? You’re always busy with work, but you get the feeling your wife is hiding something from you. She’s being nicer to you and your boss and even to his cold-as-ice secretary. What on earth is going on… The background CG of the work is processed and edited from AI-generated images. Mikako Saienji (35) Your darling wife. She has the kind of body that no man can resist. Born to a wealthy family, she’s a little irresponsible. Kind of an airhead. Always smiling, she’s truly grateful to Mike for supporting her husband. Mike (45) Your boss. Creator of and designer of a world-renowned high fashion brand. A gentlemanly polyglot with a great sense of humor, he’s also blessed with a great physique. They call him the “Macho Panther”. He’s currently managing for his 19th Japanese store. Wako Nozaki (29) A girl that Mikako met somewhere. She’s got a great figure and is well aware of it. Mikako is really interested in her tattoo… Diedre Marenna (25) Mike’s secretary. A blonde beauty. She takes care of all the details of Mike’s day-to-day and scheduling. Although she has a cold personality, the company runs smoothly largely due to her abilities. You 34 years old. An ordinary office worker. Passionate about your job. You don’t give much thought to yourself, but care a lot about others. In order to have a better life with your beloved wife, you’re working as hard as you can. (English product description provided by the creator.)(作品介绍文章由社团提供) (作品介紹文章由社團提供)

Circle:Firing & Bombing Process


Genre:Married Woman,Married Person,Foreigner,Cuckoldry (Netorare),Pleasure Corruption,Shame / Humiliation,Big Breasts

Release date:11/18/2023