Flower Girl 2

Flower Girl 2 It is a game of beautiful girl + elimination + plot combination. The story is the story of players stealing sacred objects and fleeing the flower demon country with the tears of the flower god. ◆ super cool elimination play makes you unable to stop. ◆ rich story plot. ◆ exquisite original design. ◆ increase the rhythm click play method after the first death. Mimosa: Spring Height: 161cm Circumference: 95-75-95 Personality: simple, shy, blushing and curious Representative color: Green Flower language: repentance and politeness Carnation: Shio Height: 165cm Circumference: 95-75-95 Personality: naive, lovely, cheerful and ignorant Representative color: white Flower language: infatuation, difference and love Lily: Snow Height: 167cm Circumference: 90-80-85 Character: noble, proud and charming Representative color: Pink Flower language: loyalty, holiness and elegance Phalaenopsis: Rin Height: 172cm Circumference: 75-90-75 Character: fragile and fragile Representative color: Purple Flower language: pure love Rose: Dream Height: 165cm Circumference: 75-80-90 Personality: mature and sexy Representative color: Red Flower language: encounter by chance (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:Ohiyo Studio


Genre:Buttocks,Dirty Talk,Anime,Serial Product,Elf / Fairy,isekai,Naughty / Lewd,Big Breasts

Release date:03/10/2023