Bitch Idol Collapse Story - My Revenge Is tough -

** Hero: Akio Hayashi There’s an idol in the same classroom as me. It is a girl who became a national idol, there is no day not seen on the television and the magazine now. I’m seriously in love. I’s not the kind of fan who sees her with curious eyes. I’m the only one who can make her happy. ** Idol: Yasu Sayaka A high school student who goes to the same high school as the main character and is a pure idol. He is gentle and serious, and continues idol activities such as television, magazines, and concerts between his studies. The hero becomes good because it fears the scandal. ** Story The idol of the same class, Yasu sayaka is kind and gentle, and thought that it is able to go out, but the revenge of the hero who was shaken begins. By entering a person’s heart and instilling evil, he comes up with the idea of insulting peace of mind. There are dark men in the city. The homeless, the black people who put out the dick, and the pervert, etc. attack the idol one after another. The main character takes advantage by the weakness of Yasu and the rape repeatedly when calling. In concert venues and on the streets, large shows in front of the public begin. There are two endings of a collapsing idol. ** 20 basic event CG Screenplay/Production: SUI Original: Manga artist OTA ** Tricks When you enter the other person’s mind, there is a dungeon (battle) to take over the mind, but it is possible to fly by trick. You can enjoy as a field type ADV. Speed can also be changed. Message skip function. There is cg mode, too. This product contains overlapping content with the following works: “Innocent! Slutty curvy JK Idol Crumbling Monogatari: My Revenge Is Harsh (RE120890)”

Circle:sweet princess


Genre:Entertainer / Idol / Model,Violation,Shame / Humiliation,Orgy Sex,Coercion / Compulsion,Rape,Big Breasts,Voluptuous / Plump

Release date:11/11/2020