Cuckolding Elfen Fire: SOFIA [English Ver.]

This is the English version of “Cuckolding Elfen Fire — SOFIA — [Japanese Ver.] (RE229672) * Story Sofia was living peacefully in the elf village of Refon She had a childhood sweetheart boyfriend, and it seemed her life would be smooth sailing. However, you never know when disaster will strike…. Due to the sudden treachery of her father’s secretary, she is forced into debt. The amount was 50M G Due to her father’s efforts, he had paid back up to 49M G, but… whatever he did he could not pay back the final 1M G. So Sofia resolved to earn this amount. Sofia did not know the plight that awaited her in the human world when she took a part-time job. * Cuckold The cute, well-liked elf girl Sofia and her boyfriend loved each other. The first time they had sex… Their hearts and bodies were joined and they pledged their whole lives to each other. However, Sofia was caught in an ingenious trap and she cuckolded him. After too much sex, she became depraved and pregnant. She bore the child of another man. * Changing clothes for various part-time jobs There are 9 types of costumes. You can change whenever you like. As you do more part-time jobs you will face more and more sex scenes There is also sexual harassment. Sexual harassment faces you wherever you go in the town… There is voice in all scenes involving Sofia 21 types of sex scenes! There is a large number of additional sex scenes! * Situations Sex when forced by Shota at her tutor part-time job Faced with a stalker when becoming a pop idol Casual part-time job developing into violent sex And then a maid in an erotic salon… Made to perform vacuum fellatio Conceive and bear another man’s child Many other sex scenes prepared. * We plan to publish the Cuckolding Elfen Fire home page soon. We shall publish further details on the Studio Neko Kick website. Please check back there!

Circle:Studio Neko Kick


Genre:Elf / Fairy,Cuckoldry (Netorare),Pregnancy / Impregnation,Childbirth,Violation,Naughty / Lewd

Release date:11/24/2018