[ENG Ver.] Age of Ashes~Hunnic Girl In Divided Roman Empire~

In The Divided Roman Empire, The Hunnic Girl’s Revenge Has Begin! [Synopsis] In The Late 4th Century, After The Death of Emperor Theodosius, Roman Empire Was Divided. The People Who Try to Save The Empire in Crisis, And The People Who Use Empire’s Chaos Has Been Confront, The World Was Filled With Rebelion, Poor, And Plague… However, This is Not a Story About Divided Roman Empire. From The Far Steppe of the East… The Story of One Hunnic Girl… [Game Contents] – An RPG Contrilling Female Protagonist Hunnila Travel Eastern Roman Empire and Western Roman Empire  For Her Revenge, Focus on Erotic Defeat Scenes. – During Traveling of Revenge, Hunnila Help People Who Against To Secret Organization Influence to  Roman Empire, Fight Against Late 4th Century’s Enemies of Europe.  Road of Revenge is Dangerous For Hunnila. If She Defeated on Battle, Get R*pe By Many Men.  Become Sex Slave, Become Sacrifice, Chained In Ship and Get R*pe Until Die,  Sell to Sadistic Noble And Become Debilitated and Die. – As such, the erotic scenes in this game are pretty much all hardcore r*pe.  (There are no direct depictions of severed limbs / viscera. Only cuts, bruises – Approximate playtime: 3.5 hours. – Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free): http://dlsite.jp/RPGTKool_eng/ – 26 H scenes in the reminiscence room, Total CG Number : 1086 (Story CG Include Face Different 500 + Story CG Include Face Different 586 ) – 33 different pose art of protagonist Hunnila / 22 pose art of Other Characters [System] ■Battle System – Late 4th Century’s Eastern Roman Empire, Western Roman Empire, Ostrogoth, Visigoth’s Enemies Appear. – As the Situation of Close or Far, Use 「Change Weapon」 and 「Skill」, Attack the Enemies With Bow and Sword.  After Defeat, There are Miserable Bad End.  Sword – Reduce Enemy’s Attack Damage, But Cannot Use When Enemy is Far.  Bow – Can Attack Enemy On Close and Far, But Weak to When Get Enemy’s Attack. – Max Level is 4, Every Clear the Chapter, Reinforce the Strength or Get New Skills to  Improve on Weapon’s Weak ■Defeat Event – 30 H-Scenes, Hunnila Get R*ped By A Lot of Men. – Variaty of H-Scenes That Sex Slave of Goths, Cum Dump of Slum, R*ped In the Toilet of Roman Empire,  Become Sacrifice, Chained In Ship and Get R*pe Until Die, Sell to Sadistic Noble In Slave Market  And Become Debilitated and Die, And 13 Bad End. – There are Heroine’s H-Voice On H-Scene. (Can Turn on/off) [Notes] – Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility. – Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates. Confirm system compatibility via the trial version. – Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free): https://tkool.jp/products/rtp.html [Trial game system] – Trial version can Platable Until Keep “Resist/Obey to Sex Slave” H-Scene in Ostrogothic Camp. Classical Age is End and Medieval Start. – From the Roman’s New City, Constantinopolis to Capital In Swamp, Ravenna,  Hunnila Travel Eastern Roman Empire and Western Roman Empire For Her Revenge. – The Secret Organization That Divide the Roman Empire,  ”Sons of Hittite” Make Influence In Darkness.  Hunnila Meet Vraiety of Peoples, Meet A Lot of Enemies.  However, Hunnila Cannot Stop The Road of Revenge. – In The Late 4th Century’s Europe, Choose The Fate of Hunnic Girl.  Can Hunnila Make Her Revenge?  And After Her Revenge, What Remain to Her? Girl’s Road to Revenge is Dangerous. – In The Divided Roman Empire full of the gap between the rich and the poor and the hatred of the  Foriegn People, Hunnila is Just a Weak Girl. – Goths Hate The Huns, Romans Tired By The Chaos of the Empire  Want to Use Hunnila To Their Cum Dump For Relieve Sexual Desire  Cum Alot of Semen to Womb, Hit Her Cheek, Urine to Girl’s Beautiful  Body, Imitate to Try Cut the Nipples, Make Girl Cry In Fear – Will Violent and Rape Hunnila Resist Continue?  Or She Give Up and Make Show Affection to Men? There are Fate Worse Than Death. – Get R*ped as Sex Slave For Gothic Men’s Sexual Desire Relieve,  Chained In Eastern Roman Empire’s Navy’s Ship and Get Raped Until Die,  In Western Roman Empire’s Carthago’s Slave Market, Sell To Sadistic Noble and  Become Debilitated and Die,  A Lot of Men Will R*pe Her. – Will Hunnila Give Up Her Revenge Her Self?  Or Become Sex Slave With Chain? – Who Will Remember The Girl? Character Introduction 「Fate Worse Than Death」 Series! The 「Fate Worse Than Death」 Series is, This Circle’s History Theme Ero RPG That Heroines In History Fight Against The Evil Secret Organization That Make The Happens, And Experience The Sadness, Rage, Pain and Betrayal. ↓You Can Check More Information and Plan In Here. https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/5896/article/646005 (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:Morning Explosion


Genre:Female Protagonist,Breasts,Epic / Historical,Violation,Restraint,Orgy Sex,Coercion / Compulsion,Ryona / Brutal

Release date:08/26/2022