[ENG Ver.] I fight for glory... and her naughty videos

Earn money and buy POV videos! ●Summary Tayne, a rookie adventurer, hears about a business venture from his friend Damme. Days later, he gives him a sample: A POV erotic video with a girl he knows. Shocked but interested, Tayne begins to work in the adventurer’s guild with the female characters. ●Characters – Tayne: Warrior The main character, a young man. An adventurer who works devotedly with the female characters to conquer dungeons every day. – Damme A frivolous and smooth young man. He wants to earn money with POV videos. He’s a womanizer but doesn’t seem to get in trouble. – Parla: Knight The leader of the guild. She’s very responsible and Tayne looks up to her. In battle, she uses her excellent defense. – Neste: Priestess Tayn’s older sister, with a calm personality. She has been working as an adventurer before him, and he joined in part to support her. In battle, she heals others away from the spotlight. – Kwee: Bandit A quiet and somber girl. She is Tayne’s old friend and somehow friendly to him, but her animosity towards Damme troubles him. She excels at moving first with her strength and speed. – Carlotte A proud and smug girl. She’s a prodigy that tends to look down on others, but she also has a strong sense of purpose. She can hit many foes at once with her powerful magic. ●Dungeons Choose one of the girls as a partner to enter a dungeon. You can’t bring items into dungeons (with exceptions). Keep fighting to earn funds and buy gear in town. Then, try your luck at the dungeon again! – Total number of computer graphics: 25



Genre:Male Protagonist,Breasts,Real Elder Sister,Warrior,Fantasy,Harem,Cuckoldry (Netorare),Internal Cumshot

Release date:10/11/2022