Erotic Invader

** Story The four sisters have captured a life form that can generate crystals of energy on a resource-heavy planet. On the way back to their home planet, an emergency occurs in the spacecraft. Meryl sees her beloved sisters being attacked by space monsters in the shower room. “Oh … it’s going to be put inside again! Meryl, help me!” Her beautiful blue sisters continue to have reproductive fluid poured inside them over and over again by space monsters. “I need to help my sisters!” And so Meryl stands up to kill the space monsters and save her beloved sisters. ** Sex Scenes Numerous different types of fucking (invader sex) occur in the close quarters of a space ship! Space monster sex is the best in the universe! ! Space monsters have evolved to prosper and leave seeds in a harsh and vast universe, and have the ability to impregnate relentlessly. If you lose a battle with a space monster and get caught, you will be used as a tool for the monster to reproduce. ** Sex Scene Commitment If you don’t handle it quickly, a monster will be born! Don’t miss the part where blue skinned aliens are attacked by space monsters and become pregnant. Numerous event scenes that are sure to get fans of blue skin excited. ** Game Tips Make sure to search! Explore the spaceship where the trouble occurred while creating weapons by combining materials. Even if you lose to a powerful monster, you will not give up. Powerful space armor can be obtained by collecting materials and making more powerful armor, You can challenge the monsters as many times as you want. ** Alien Heroine Name: Meryl Age: ? ? ? Family Composition: youngest sister Personality: Poor emotional expression, but sensibility is on par with people. Courageous enough to challenge the space monsters for her sisters. Hobbies: Studying energy with her sisters. Special Skill: Doing whatever it takes! Favorite Word: I need to help my sisters! Least Favorite Word: UFO Favorite Things: Her sisters, her sisters’ underwear, her sisters’ bed Dislikes: Horny monsters Birthplace: She grew up as the youngest sister of an alien family who navigates the planet and collects energy to solve their home world’s energy crisis.

Circle:Melon Pants


Genre:SF,Violation,Rape,Tentacle,Interspecies Sex

Release date:01/19/2020