In order to seal off a magical dungeon which suddenly appeared out of nowhere, the young feudal lord Giral tries her best. A simple game system with beautiful map graphics. Battles consist of ramming into your opponent. You can customize the looks of the protagonist by changing into clothing found on your journey. Can be enjoyed casually by anyone. [Synopsis] In the remote lands of Salamander. A beautiful demon girl Giral is in charge as the newly appointed feudal lord. (Instead of her father who ran off with his mistress). One day, she receives report that a magical dungeon has suddenly appeared within her domains. If the dungeon is ignored, then inevitably, the lands will be overrun with monsters and public order will run out of control. Being a sorceress, Giral heads off to seal the dungeon herself, setting foot into the dangerous monster-ridden lands… [Game Contents] A very simple game. You can ram into enemies to defeat them, but your HP will decrease. Proceed carefully and heal up making sure that your HP does not reach 0. Save up gold which can be used to increase your Max HP. Pick up different outfits and dress-up, down and all around! There are plenty of fun and exciting events. Reach the depths of the dungeon and destroy the monster core to clear the game. Language switchable: Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese



Genre:Moe,Nonhuman / Monster Girl,Swimwear

Release date:09/05/2018