(English product description provided by the creator.) ** The start of hypnosis game Big sister was suggested a game for getting back her little sister who was raped with hypnosis by him. If she win,her little sister will be liberated! If she lose, her little sis’s personally will be lost and raped If she keep lose with thi game, her little sis’s personality will be lost. Big sitter try to join the game to get back her little sister. The big sis join the game to save her little sis. ** Prologue A man has strange sense. The ability that can manipulate human as he hope just by think it. He used that ability and lived as you hope ever. He could get what he want , for example….woman, wealth, fame,,,and so on. This is the matter that man invade to the school on a whim. make me enjoy, please. I’m tired of playing with usual girls. This is a game that bet the life of sisters. ** The scenes of sex All scene of hypnosis! There’s no element except for hypnosis, pleasure! Pure girls will be crazy who love pleasure! ** Game There’s no difficult operation because it’s simple game just to look for fragments. It’s no problem for men who are bad at playing games too because you can choice the difficulty. ** Character Name:Kashio (man) Personality:reasonable, principle of equality,pride is high Sexual habit:sadist , dominant, Name:Sayo Sakashiro(woman) Personality:mentally strong,humanistic, cheerful Sexual habit: usual, not sadist and masochistic. Name:Aya Sakashiro(woman) Personality:sweet, dedicate, weakly Sexual habit:(has no conscious) masochistic, like to be treated like stuff. This product contains overlapping content with the following work: “Hypnosister (RE223929)”

Circle:The 46th Order of Chivalry


Genre:Sisters,Student,School / Academy,Internal Cumshot,Violation,Hypnosis,Brainwashing

Release date:01/31/2021